For our mattress we added three layers of foam.

Then we removed twelve layers of B.S.

Have you noticed that every mattress company seems to be saying the same things in the same ways about basically the same mattresses?

At Sillow we don’t make up stories about our foam being the greatest scientific breakthrough since the polio vaccine. (It isn’t.) You won’t hear us talking about teams of engineers and “sleep scientists” building the best sleep experience in the history of sleep either. (You’re welcome.) And we don’t hold ridiculous sales every single day of the year. (Our prices are actually fair.) Instead we sell a great mattress at a great price. We let you try it for 100 nights. If you don’t like it, you get your money back.

Every Sillow Mattress features the same features.

We don’t skimp on comfort, support or durability ever.

  • The top layer consists of 2” of gel infused viscoelastic memory foam. This layer keeps you cool and comfortable during the hottest and coldest nights. It’s pretty amazing.
  • The second layer consists of 2” of polyurethane foam. This layer helps relieve pressure points and give you the ideal amount of support.
  • The foundation layer is made of 7” of core foam. This layer is one of the main reasons why we’re able to offer a 10-year warranty!
The Sillow Bed showing 3 layers of memory foam
The Sillow Bed is washable in the wachine machine

Life happens.

So we give you a mattress cover that you can throw in the washing machine.

It feels luxurious because it is luxurious. But the best feature of our mattress cover is the fact that you can take it off your Sillow Mattress and toss it in the wash. It will come out of the dryer ready to go leaving your bed looking, feeling, and smelling fresher than ever.