Summer is the perfect time!

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We’re out to impress the most important sleep expert in the world. You.

Not to call BS, but over 500 mattress companies are currently selling the “perfect” mattress. If they’re so perfect, why do these companies all have return policies? The fact is the only person who can really tell if a mattress is right for you is you. And the only way to really know is to actually sleep on it. That’s why at Sillow, we let you try our mattress for 100 nights risk free. If you don’t like it, you get your money back. No catches. No gimmicks. No kidding.

It’s a better way to buy a better bed.


Luxurious comfort without the luxury price.

We designed our mattress to deliver your best night’s sleep without blowing your budget.


Incredibly convenient shopping.

Buy your Sillow bed online – Point, Click, Sleep. We ship for free right to your door.


Satisfaction guaranteed.

Try our mattress for 100 nights. If you’re not getting your best night’s sleep you get your money back.

You’re going to love your Sillow mattress.

We absolutely, completely, totally, and un-catchily guarantee it!

It’s shipped compressed in a box
and in about 30 minutes

Setting up your Sillow bed is like magic.
(You might want to get your camera ready.)

The Sillow Bed - unbox the mattress

Open it.

Carry the box wherever you want your Sillow bed, lay it on its side, and remove the box.

The Sillow Bed - place the mattress

Place it.

Put your Sillow bed on any solid (flat or slatted) foundation and remove the outside plastic.

The Sillow Bed - unpack the mattress

Unwrap it.

Unroll your Sillow bed and remove the inner packaging.

The Sillow Bed - enjoy the mattress

Enjoy it.

Watch your Sillow bed come to life. In about 30 minutes, you’re ready for bed.

How did we create Sillow bed?

3 layers of premium foam.

We tested countless mattresses to find the perfect combination of premium foam. The result is 3 layers that we’ve combined into 1 mattress that will deliver your best night’s sleep guaranteed. Best of all, it’s American-made. We take pride in hiring the best craftsman in the country…our country!

Comfort, support and durability perfected.

Each layer has a job to do and each one does it perfectly. Start with the top layer – 2” of gel infused viscoelastic memory foam to keep you cool and comfortable. Right below is 2” of polyurethane to relieve pressure points and give you the ideal amount of support. The foundation is 7” of core foam that will stand up to almost anything. Our mattresses come with a 10-year warranty!

A luxurious cover with a practical side.

Every Sillow bed mattress comes with a premium mattress cover hand-crafted in North Carolina. Our mattress covers are made with the finest materials to provide a luxurious feel but they’re completely machine washable. Life happens. When it does, your Sillow bed mattress cover will come out of the dryer more than ready for what’s next.

If a mattress could blush, ours might.